Parking Systems

Systems selected for secure car parking areas should benefit both the vehicle owner and car park operator/owner. Putting efficient systems in place will allow the car park operator to regulate authorised vehicle entry and exit to their site whilst ensuring a safe environment to users. This means greater peace of mind for the driver, secure in the knowledge that they are leaving their vehicle in a protected facility.

With car parking space now a premium commodity, and the costs involved in owing and operating, car park owners need to take steps to protect their asset and ensure a steady return on their investment. These systems can range from the most technologically advanced to the most basic and we can supply, install and commission car park management systems, pay stations, automatic barrier systems, parking guidance systems, access control and more. ctPark has cost effective parking controls that can be integrated with revenue systems such as pay stations and access control systems to verify and control the status of patrons whilst managing usage of allocated and designated parking bays.

ctPark can go a step further and provide CCTV, Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems (ANPR) and monitoring capabilities in car parks or secure parking facilities.