Secure Traffic Management Solutions

ctPark provides turn-key solutions for all traffic management requirements: from the identification of your traffic management needs to traffic management planning and implementation. From its inception as a total traffic management company, ctPark has successfully served the traffic systems market in this country for over 10 years which has led us to build a team of experienced employees backed by a global supply chain of some of the world’s leading traffic management suppliers in the industry.

ctPark products and services help promote efficient traffic flow, minimise pedestrian incidents and generally improve safety on our roads. Our products range from intelligent traffic management systems to bollards, traffic barriers, speed cameras, number plate recognition systems, electronic charging stations, temporary road signage, mobile or fixed Variable Message Signage to traffic planning and traffic signal infrastructure works. We take care of the whole lifecycle of our products from consultancy to supply, installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance.

The consultancy arm of ctPark, has collaborated closely with clients and has been commissioned to undertake traffic and parking surveys to identify and recommend traffic management solutions to relieve road congestion and optimal utilisation of parking areas. Our services have also extended to the preparation of revenue and business models to ascertain the feasibility and the most cost effective traffic management solutions.